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Middle School

“Tribe” is based upon the definition of “a social group consisting of families or communities… linked by religious ties.” Just like the definition, we are a Tribe of students grades 6-8 passionate about creating an authentic community. One that is serving for a much bigger purpose. This tribe helps affirm students’ identities, their passions, and their gifts. We seek to Gather as a community, Grow in our faith journey, and Go serve and love others.

We currently achieve this family like community by: Sunday Worship, Mid-Week Tribe Gatherings, and Special Events/Camps.


Our Core Values

Authentic Spirituality – We value a spirituality that is real and transparent among God, others, and ourselves. The authenticity piece of this is not to create a mirage or fake identity of “being a Christian”, but instead pursuing a spirituality enriched by realness and honesty. Being a Christ-follower doesn’t require perfection, but being authentic can help strengthen our relationship with Christ and also others.

Adventurous Endeavors – We value the ability to have fun and be adventurous in our lives, whether it is hiking Bell Rock in Sedona, playing Glow-Dodgeball in the dark, or engaging in activities that are just plain fun. We grow together as a community through fun, adventurous activities.

Disciple-minded Outreach – We value the ability to make disciples who make disciples. This type of outreach is seeking out opportunities to serve and disciple people and create an environment for them to feel like they belong. When we value a disciple-minded kind of outreach we are able to build long lasting relationships with people that allow us to be intentionally focused on them.