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Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a journey. It’s the active process of becoming more like Jesus every day through sanctification by the Holy Spirit coupled with personal discipline. Jesus’ teachings help us to understand that discipleship is the greatest need of collective humanity.

We believe there are four key components in becoming a disciple of Jesus: Worship, Gather, Give, and Serve.


Worship describes our connection with God. It includes participation in worship gatherings, Bible reading, prayer time, fasting, and other spiritual disciplines.

Worship is when we offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice so that He can showcase His worth and value in our lives.


Gathering works in two ways. We gather with other Christ-followers to encourage one another and be strengthened in our journey toward God.

But we also work to intentionally gather others to Christ and His church. Through the power and authority of Christ, people are gathered into the kingdom by Christ-followers who teach the word of God, humbly obey the commands of Jesus, and value Christ above everything.


Giving is a key discipline in the life of a Christ-follower. This action demonstrates wisdom, a proper understanding of our relationship to money and possessions, and our trust in God’s provision.

Having Christ ruling and reigning in our lives is such a valuable treasure that, if we lose everything in order to have Him, it’s a joyful sacrifice.


God is not served by human hands, as if He needed anything, because He Himself gives life, breath and everything to everyone. It dishonors God to treat Him as a master in need of slave labor. What honors God is living in such a way that demonstrates that He is enough.

Serving was modeled to us by Jesus himself and is the primary method we use for displaying Christ-like love to others. As followers of Jesus Christ we serve our families, our church, and our community.